The BI-Box brings data analytics to your office.
Our safe, pre-installed data warehouse scenario is based on professional, proven open source technologies.
your data is safe in your office in the BI-Box. Encrypted backups in the cloud make your solution safe.
we offer data gathering and open data integration scenarios to quickly enhance your data warehouse
our solution is based on open source tools and easy to extend. We offer trainings and development for your scenario,
The technology is mostly web-based and easy integrateable in your existing portals - if you dont have one yet, we have one for you


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We are working as a network of partners for the design and the concept, the hardware, the manufacturing of the box, the software inside and the consulting business around the box. We are architects, coder, entrepreneurs, textwriter and engineers who stuck their head together and created a product for customer with customer.


January 1, 2016

Hello world!

In 2016, we will bring the Business Intelligence Box to your office!